Of course no visit home is complete without attending a Rider game. This year was the inaugural season of the new Mosaic stadium.

Going home to Saskatchewan has always been a welcome part of our summer. It’s a chance to reconnect with friends and family, eat copious amounts of food and recharge over a few good books. Since our parents (and sisters) literally live blocks away from one another, we were also reliving our school days walking or biking around the neighbourhood and calling on friends. Sometimes the bike trips now involve stopping at a local pub to pick up a growler or two, but they are more or less the same.

Noted on these daily neighbourhood adventures are the habits of the average Saskatchewan suburbanite – especially that of the retired male specimen in the summer months.

The following are a list of ways these fascinating fellows may spend their time.

  • Washing rocks (witnessed at least 3 times)
  • Metal recycling
  • Digging out and raising window wells
  • Sharpening table saws
  • Developing contraptions to protect the floor of their garage
  • Hoisting metal truck racks into their garage ceiling
  • Moving piles of dirt, rocks and or cedar chips into different locations in the yard and back again
  • Washing their truck, RV and SUV followed by washing their driveway
  • Sitting and judging out their front window
  • Documenting the times and dates the city employees mow the park lawns
  • Saving baby rabbits

…and those things were mostly just what our dads did.

Now as I sit in my apartment overlooking the KL skyline, I haven’t seen a single person wash rocks today. But I have seen people burning random things, park on the sidewalk and fog for mosquitoes.

However, I am sitting and judging from my window, so I guess I’ve still got a bit of surburbanite left in me.