Having the opportunity to host guests is always a tonne of fun. You get to see your city through fresh eyes. This past weekend we didn’t just get to host any guests; we got to host the Thais.

17 years ago I did a Canada World Youth exchange, 3 months of which was spent rice farming in rural Thailand and living with a host family. My counterpart from this exchange, Luck and I have remained friends over the years. Several times Shaun and I have gone to visit her, her family, my host family and other Thai friends from the exchange.

Now imagine my excitement when Luck announced she, her husband and her two sons (It and Op) would come on vacation to Malaysia. The 4 day weekend was full of many firsts for the Thais and their excitement was contagious. Click on the photo gallery below to read all about this adventure of firsts.


TinAAAA (phonetic spelling of the way my name is said by Thais)