I’d be pissed to share the Hall with this guy if I was a wrestling great like Koko B Ware, George the Animal Steele or Kamala the Ugandan Giant.

It’s been awhile. In the months since I last wrote, a lot has happened. I mean a member of the WWF Hall of Fame is now the President of the United States (not to mention a racist, misogynist, narcissist and generally revolting human being). But hey, Hillary had a private email server set up in her house, so the election result makes complete sense.

Once that wall goes up, and all the Mexicans and Muslims are kicked out, and the KKK opens up an office in the White House and protecting the environment becomes a distant memory, we’ll all be able to rest easier. USA! USA!

Fear and ignorance still carry the day in 2016. We shouldn’t be surprised.

Here in Malaysia, most locals just shrug at Trump. They’re used to being governed by dictators and crooks and overall boobs. All they want to talk about is the ‘hot’ Canadian prime minister with the nice hair who can dance the bhangra. That, and the Just for Laughs Gags TV show, which runs on local stations here and is a big hit. Malaysians love pranks. Makes sense. We all have our priorities.

Anyway, I guess when I say ‘a lot’ has happened, it’s relative. In my life, not a lot has actually happened.

  • I’m still underemployed (I actually got turned down for two jobs in one day – beat that fellow losers!)
  • I’m still playing hockey (we beat the Malaysian national team a couple weeks back and I scored the winning goal. Likely the biggest moment of my illustrious hockey career next to playing in the Junior C All Star Game in 1998). I should really retire now.
  • I’m still coaching at the school and the cross country team actually finished in second last place in the final race. Goal achieved – and I’m now coaching the junior boys basketball team and the middle school track team. Maybe one day I’ll get paid for something I’m actually qualified to do?
  • The highest point (and really my saving grace) is all the travelling we’re still doing – Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan in the last couple months with Thailand (again), New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan and Hawaii coming up over the next couple months. No time for a real job.

On my way through the Taipei airport, I came across this real-life escape chute.

I can’t help but think we could all use one of these from time to time – especially with the Million Dollar Man now in charge of the free world. Take care, peeps.