We managed to make it to the top unscathed and were rewarded with views of these amazing limestone formations unlike any other in the world.

“Hopefully you all are fit because this hike is extremely difficult and one false move could leave you plummeting to your death on rocks sharp as knives.”

These were the opening words of our guide Jasper as he began the orientation to our 3 day, 2 night Pinnacles hike.

Fortunately, we were prepared for the melodrama because the day before our caving guide Donny prefaced the tour by graphically describing how a man on his tour once floated down the river smashing into a rock to have his entire shin split open gushing blood everywhere. Donny followed this story by telling us not to think about that as we embarked on our adventure.

It seems Malaysians everywhere either think we want to feel as though we are cheating death to get our monies worth or they are very worried about being sued so they disclose any potential risk. Either way it makes for entertaining briefings.

In the case of our hike, it was gruelling but not quite death defying. Besides the hordes of weird bees who don’t sting but are attracted to sweaty clothes, the summit of 2.4 kms literally straight up (Malaysians don’t like to waste their time meandering on terrain with a less direct route) was an enjoyable challenge.