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Breaking fast during Ramadan is serious business in Malaysia. People get all their food ready and then wait for the signal that the sun has officially set. In Kuala Terengganu where we were visiting this week, the signal was a cannon blast. Once that puppy explodes, it’s game on and all you can hear is slurping and burping. It’s an outstanding communal experience.


It’s Canada Day. It’s (almost) the end of Ramadan. And it’s time to celebrate (and eat during daylight hours)! So like everyone in Malaysia right now, we’re returning to our village (balik kampung) – Regina, Saskatchewan for a visit.

After a short 26-hour flight, we’ll be laughing and eating with our family and friends. It’s an exciting time for us. We haven’t been home in over 11 months, the Riders just started their season (with a loss) and we’ve got a new nephew to meet.

Surprisingly, some Malaysians will take just as long driving to their small towns on the jam-packed highways this weekend, but not surprisingly, they’ll be just as excited to hang out with their peeps. They even have a song for their annual pilgrimage home and we think it sums visits home up nicely.

As a wise man named Randall once said, “People…are people.”

Happy Canada Day and enjoy these pics of our recent trip to Redang and Perhentian Islands in northeastern Malaysia. Two beautiful places.