Now this guy has no issues with jet lag (or he’s on speed?). Also consider this picture taken in front of the Green Monster at Fenway Park was taken just 2 hours after running a marathon. Nice work, Rob.

Let me start by announcing that I’ve officially outfoxed jet lag. After crossing back and forth over two dozen time zones in the last five weeks, I am now immune to the sleep effects of travel.

It’s really not a miracle cure. All you have to do is stick to two simple rules:

    1. Sleep on the plane whenever possible. (I find a couple gravol and a double gin and OJ does the trick nicely.)  I’ve struggled with this at times trying to watch as many in-flight movies as possible. Resist that urge though and get some shut eye.
    2. No matter what time you reach your destination, don’t go to sleep until after 9 p.m. That means if you touch down at 8 a.m., get yourself a Red Bull (or 5) and soldier on for the entire day. It makes for a rough first 24 hours, but you’ll be set for the rest of your trip.
Foot wash
Getting enough sleep is crucial when visiting countries like Sri Lanka. Can you imagine my embarrassment if I would have missed this special request in a public washroom?

Now, if you’re flying a few hours here and there, beat it. Who I’m really talking to are folks that have experienced a 10-plus hour flight followed by a 5-hour layover and then another 6 or 7-hour flight (and then maybe another layover and flight if you’re going to Saskatchewan).

Those death marches are the closest thing to purgatory you’ll ever experience. Time doesn’t exist, your hair and toenails don’t grow and you unconsciously eat what feels like 17 rice and chicken freeze-fried dinners.

Nothing feels real on a 3o-hour flight, which is why it’s so important to remember my 2 simple rules.

I’ve had the opportunity to test my theory a lot over the past couple months by visiting Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taipei, the U.S. – and Malaysia in between to do laundry. It’s been a good run and I’m happy to admit I haven’t missed a second of traveling fun due to jet lag (explosive diarrhea is a story for another time).

Up next, the grand daddy flight of them all, Regina! Wish me luck. I hope I haven’t jinxed myself.