I get irrationally excited when this image flashes on my iPhone screen and I've successfully booked a cab ride.
I get irrationally excited when this image flashes on my iPhone screen and I’ve successfully booked a cab ride.

One of the best parts of living in another part of the world is the random encounters you have with various people. People who make you smile, people who make you laugh and people who leave you pondering life. This past week as Shaun took his parents on a road trip, I’ve been making my way around a lot by teksi (Bahasa Malay for taxi and one of the 10 words I’ve learned). Here are some of the random conversations that have ensued.

Conversation #1:

Cabbie: What kind of a car do you drive?

Me: A 2007 Suzuki Swif

Cabbie: (He didn’t notice I left off the T.) Why don’t you drive a nicer and newer car?

Me: Cars here are way too expensive and have you not noticed the roads are a bit bumpy? It’s better to own a cheaper car then you don’t worry about it as it inevitably becomes wrecked.

Cabbie: That actually makes sense. I just thought all white people owned nice cars.

Conversation #2:

Cabbie: You’re from Canada? Do you know that show where they pull pranks on each other?

Me: You mean Just for Laughs Gags. Yes, that’s filmed in Canada.

Cabbie: You people are very mean to each other.

Me: That’s just French Canadians.(sorry to our Quebecois friends)

Conversation #3:

Cabbie: How much is your rent?

Me: (quoting a little bit less than I actually pay)

Cabbie: Ah, that is very high! I can get you a much better deal. (Awkward conversation ensues about his buddy that I should meet in some obscure location. I politely take the info, usually in the form a sketchy business card, and leave.)

Conversation #4:

Female Cabbie: Where are you from?

Me: Canada

Female Cabbie: Oh, I love Canada. You’re new president is so hot and he has great hair!

Looking forward to the next teksi ride,