Even wonder what happened to the stars of the early 90s? Well it seems once their North American fame has long past, they hit up Asia. They can tour for 20 plus years past their fame here, and Asians love them! This might explain the frequent air time artists like KC and JoJo, Rick Astley, Billy Ocean and others get.

Now imagine our excitement when we found out MC Hammer was coming to RetroFest Asia. And then imagine our disappointment when we found out days before he cancelled. Supposedly, he wanted more money for more dancers. So Shaun took to social media to protest. He did get the promoter to change their poster, but he didn’t get a refund and he couldn’t return his Hammer pants.

We decided to make the best of it.  One hit wonders – All 4 One (“I Swear”), Diana King (“Shy Guy”) and Tommy Page (no idea who he is but apparently he did a cameo on Full House as DJ’s crush) were still taking the stage.

So a group of us braved the rain and made the drive to the Sunway Mall / Theme Park (the same place Shaun plays hockey) for the concert. The venue was the Sunway Lagoon. Picture it. Sand surrounds an extensive pool which has been drained just for the concert. A canopy walk overhead is deemed in flashing lights “ASIA’S BIGGEST ATTRACTION”. Families ride a holiday train round and round the venue. Yep- definitely the place for a concert!

The artists played and I have to say it was very entertaining for many reasons. They sounded pretty much the same, their dance moves were well choreographed and they looked – well . . . older. Moments of nostalgia took me back to high school dances and driving in my 1984 Hyundai Pony with friends. That in itself was worth the price of admission!