In the last few months, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few different destinations in SouthEast Asia. With my daily youtube yoga routine (ok maybe not quite daily), I’ve also been privy to random ads from each country. This had me wondering, do commercials reflect a culture? If so, we might be in trouble. Here are a few samples to see what I mean.

Indonesia (skin whitening deodorant)

I’ve seen skin whitening products in many Asian countries. The obsession with becoming whiter seems strange to us, but is it any different than tanning beds and bronzing cream in Canada? Look out, skin bronzing deodorant might be the next craze!

Myanmar (mobile phones – I think)

Aw, it seems that the Myanmarese are quite sentimental. Can you imagine if you were being proposed to and both partner’s parents showed up? I don’t think we’d have the same reaction.

Malaysia (KFC for celebrating Malay New Year)

In a nutshell, this commercial has you thinking that all Malaysia’s love fried chicken (this might be true) and that they wear toupees (yet to be determined).

Thailand -(fertilizer)

This ad leaves me absolutely speechless. This isn’t quite the same experience I had when living on a Thai rice farm!