Here's me at my first review with the restaurant owner Andrew and Yum List founder Monica
Here’s me at my first review with the restaurant owner Andrew and Yum List founder Monica. I’m not sure why they seem to be sitting so far away from me?

When you move to a foreign country (especially without a job), you have to be open to try new things. I mean, why else, would you move? Most times that just means eating crazy food, learning some phrases in a different language or getting lost on strange streets.

Other times, it can be much more random. Like when I found myself as a high school debate judge on Sri Lankan TV or when we had to track down a senior citizen wood carver from Kandy who took our $50, but never delivered our Buddha sculpture, or when I spent two years going to a Sri Lankan mental hospital everyday. Fun stuff.

My latest adventure in Malaysia is writing for a popular food and lifestyle blog (it has 6 million page views – about 6 million more views than this blog) run by a teacher at Trina’s school. Getting paid in free food and booze, it really is a sweet gig for me. While I’m certainly no foodie (I’ve been known to eat melted cheese sandwiches for weeks at a time), I think I’m up for the creative challenge.

Using words like scrumptious, palette, moist and delectable, have always been on my bucket list. And now I have the perfect reason – free potato wedges and Coke floats!

Take a read of my first review and let me know what you think. Any new food descriptors are welcome.

In all seriousness, the Yum List is a great site, and if you’re traveling to Southeast Asia, it’s a must read for the best places to eat and sleep.

My next assignment is an artisan pasta making class. Wish me luck. Ciao!