Stepping off the plane in Yangon, I realized I was some place very different than KL. First, there was no haze blanketing the city (a huge bonus), and second, the airport is the size of a high school gym, yet it still feels bigger than it needs to be.

Taking the 30 minute cab ride to the hotel, I felt as though I was in many different places all at once. I saw India in the random and beautiful chaos, traffic and grime. I saw Sri Lanka in the lush greenery lining the streets and the dozens of Buddhist temples that seem to appear on every block. I saw Thailand in the friendly faces always willing to help, yet not interested in taking your money (not much of it, anyway).

And taken all together I got my first glimpse of Myanmar. A gorgeous and vast country with extremely hardworking, sweet people that are peering over a cliff of exponential development and change – which brings with it both great hope and great fear.

My initial thoughts didn’t change much after spending a week walking, flying, running, boating and biking around. It was an outstanding place to visit at an exciting time in its history. Oh yeah, and the beer’s cheap too. Here’s what our week looked like…

Shaun (and a bit of Trina)