While I waited in the airport for my next flight out Shaun and our friends in Myanmar sent a barrage of photos of the fun they were having.
 When travelling internationally most people check and double check their flight intinerary. Most people if they had the misfortune of missing one flight would make sure that never happened again. I am not most people! I’ve managed to misread my flight intinerary and miss a flight not once, not twice but thrice. Here’s how it all shook down.

The first time involved an understandable mix up of forgetting that 1minute after midnight was actually the next day. This meant no weekend getaway to Dubai. The next time was misreading the day entirely and winding up at the Bangkok airport one day too late. The consequence was a flight change fee, extra time hanging out with the Thais and being very tired at work the next day.

This time was probably the most ridiculous and I can’t even blame it on any form of impairment (which would be a better story). No, I was all packed and in bed by 11 the night before. I checked my itinerary twice, flight leaving at 8:35am, and promptly set my alarm for 5. It wasn’t until I was at the airport and looked up at the board of flights to see no flight to Yangon scheduled for 8:35. “(Insert profanity), not again!” I immediately thought. 

Turns out I was looking at my return flight not my departure. I was able to pay a flight change fee and after 12 hours in the airport alternating between various coffee shops and finishing a 550 page novel, I was off. 

Hopefully, the third time is a charm and I’ll learn my lesson but I’m not guaranteeing anything.