I should have heeded this advice more carefully I guess. Why is the woman twice the size of the man in the photo? Is she supposed to be a white woman?

Getting your wallet stolen sucks, especially when it’s while dancing in a club and taken out of your purse that doesn’t zip up – so cliché. But believe it or not, there are some positives that came out of all my identification being taken.

  • I had the perfect excuse to buy a new wallet and a cute little zip up purse specifically for dancing at the bar.
  • The experience of spending 3 + hours at a local police station to file a report was also enlightening. Highlights included typing out my own statement on a Pentium and printing on a dot matrix printer, watching some police officers sleep while the “system was down” and getting volleyball coaching tips from the head of security.
  • My wallet is no longer cluttered. In fact, the only thing in it is my Maybank card. That’s one way to simplify your life.

NOTE: I should clarify that I was lucky to notice my wallet was missing right away. My phone wasn’t stolen, my passport and other important id was at home and I was able to cancel all my credit and debit cards before anything was taken. I was only out about RM150 ($50 CAD).