Local families frolic in the water at the base of the falls. They also have picnics of epic proportions on the shore. I’m not sure how they managed to trek the 5 river crossings with all their supplies!

It’s easy to spend your entire weekend relaxing in your condo, especially when you have a/c, a gym and a pool. However, then we wouldn’t have anything to write on our blog and what would be the point in moving to Malaysia then? So battling the traffic, racing with a dying phone battery (for gps) and despite foreboding signs like the one pictured below for trespassing, we managed to find the Chilling Falls hike.

Can you believe the guy has a scope on his gun?

The day included 3 hours of driving, 3 hours of hiking, and a picnic lunch. Oh and because the hike wasn’t as vigorous as expected, we threw in a 40 minute jog at 2pm in 37 degree heat. Stupid, but the terrain was really nice.