Here's a few members of the ISKL Panthers cross-country team along with the famous Coach Nada.
Here are a few members of the ISKL Panthers cross-country team, along with the famous Coach Nada, after just completing a 3k road race. We swept the top 6 places. I credit the coaching.

As any successful unemployed person knows, nailing down a daily routine is crucial for mental and emotional survival. A big part of my routine these first few weeks has been helping coach Trina’s school’s varsity cross-country team.

While I’ve never run cross-country and I haven’t coached anything for close to 20 years, I was the perfect candidate for the job (once the first two people they asked turned it down.) Because let’s face it, I’ve got time on my hands and I do ‘like’ to run.

Luckily for the guys, I’m only the assistant coach and they have the very qualified Coach Nada leading the charge. Nada was a world-class runner in the 60s and has coached some of Malaysia’s top running stars over the past 40 years. Not to mention he’s coached at ISKL for close to 20 years.

So really, all I’m there for is to join the guys for runs, take attendance and send out emails to the team reminding them when practice is. Not a bad gig. I’ve also learned that I’m there to keep tabs on kids when we attend races, something which I failed miserably at during our first event.

Here’s a re-enactment of how it went down: 


Coach Shaun: Hey guys, has anyone seen Stan?

Guys: Nope

10 minutes before race

Coach Shaun: Any sign of Stan?

Guys: Nope

5 minutes before race

Guys: Stan!

Stan (walking up to us still in his street clothes): I fell asleep and you guys left me on the bus! I woke up and the bus was empty and driving somewhere else.

Coach Shaun (to himself): Oh, shit.

Coach Shaun (to Stan): That was a test, buddy. No sleeping on the bus. I hope you learned your lesson. I’ll show you where the change room is. There’s still time to make the start of the race.

Stan changes and gets to the start line 14 seconds before it starts and then wins the race. (No joke.)


Needless to say I’ve got lots to learn about coaching (and being responsible for kids named Stan), however it’s been fun so far and it eats up about 3 hours of my day.

Happy running.