Later peeps.
Later peeps.

Well, Malaysia awaits on Monday. After a short 25-hour flight and 14-hour time change, we’ll be back to sweating on a full-time basis.

Our bags are packed and I’m now officially unemployed. It’s scary, it’s sad, and it’s exciting.

While you’d think we’d be spending our days planning the next crazy chapter of our lives, almost all of our time has been spent saying goodbye to family and friends the last few months. And that’s been a really good thing.

We’ve had coffee and beers and meals of food with people we haven’t talked to in years and spent more quality time with our families than we ever would have if we were staying.

Since this is our second lap at leaving home, we’ve developed a bit of a science to saying goodbye and making sure everyone gets a piece of our time. Here are the top three tips to saying goodbye the right way…

1. Never sleep – Since the end of May, I haven’t slept a full night once and I’ve been out every night. I’ve been to every restaurant, bar, coffee house, park, golf course and gambling den in our fair city. I don’t even want to look at my Mastercard bill, but extending your days and nights is a great way to make sure you’re spending quality time with your buds. I’m proud of my 423 going away events.

2. Tell sensitive people that you’re going on a long vacation – This is obviously a bit of a smokescreen, but it seems to help those folks that are prone to the waterworks. “See you in a few months” and “talk to you next spring” have jumped from my mouth many times and it seems to dam up the tears.

3. Make people sick of you – This is perhaps the most important thing. Once you’ve heard – “You haven’t left yet!” or even better “Just leave already!” – you know you’ve done a great job of saying goodbye. Making people tire of you and your ‘adventure’ is a sure fire way to ensure they don’t miss you too much – and hopefully they’ll be interested in visiting again when you return.

I hope those can help you one day.

Please keep checking the blog for much more regular updates as we set up things in KL. And please comment on the blog. It’s great to hear from our friends at home and all around world. And remember, we expect visitors (we promise to have air conditioning)!

Take care and talk to you soon.