Whether it was on the streets of Mumbai or NYC, there were tons of people to entertain me on my travels.
Whether it was on the streets of Mumbai or NYC, there were tons of people to entertain me on my travels.

I’m back in Regina (pause for snickering from all the immature readers).  With less than 48 hours back in the Queen City here are some things I’ve noticed.

  • Everyone has an iPhone or the Samsung equivalent. Not sure how I feel about that but I’m going to see if I can get minutes for the cell phone I was using in Sri Lanka just to rebel. I purchased it in India in 2008 for about $5 and the only special feature it has is a flashlight (which I might add is very useful.)
  • There are only about two degrees of separation in this city. You can’t go anywhere without running into someone you know and stopping for a chat. It’s really great to catch up with everyone. In fact, I bet I wouldn’t even need to phone any of my friends. If I just walked around outside long enough, I would see everyone I know or ever have known in this city.
  • People in Saskatchewan love to complain about the weather. All winter Facebook was filled with posts of how horrible it was and given the winter they had it was warranted. Now I’ve overheard people complaining about the heat. Come on people it may be getting up to 34 degrees today but that will only be for about 5 minutes! Try jogging outside in that 34 degree heat while blow drying your hair and then immediately cram into an unmoving city bus with 1000s of people packed like sardines and then you might have an idea of what Sri Lanka hot is.
  • I start every sentence with “In Sri Lanka . . . .” That could get really annoying for people to listen to.
  • The internet is super duper fast.
  • Our condo seems really big and really clean. I haven’t seen a single ant on our counter top. Weird.
  • There is no traffic. I haven’t seen a single cow or elephant on the road. But I do already miss the ability to hail down a tuk tuk to take you anywhere you want to go.
  • The prices are killing me. Okay, it is cheaper than New York City, but my money is going really fast.  I won’t get a proper pay cheque until the end of September and there is not a single place you can get a $1 lunch packet.
  • The new Safeway in our area is a cornucopia of food and other convenience items. Some of the items I love having easy access to are good deodorant, lip gloss and proper hair elastics. It is all so exciting that I feel the need to use multiple exclamation points even though over use of the exclamation point is one of my pet peeves!!!

The past month has been full of blog worthy experiences, but with either limited time or reliable internet access, I just haven’t been able to keep up. So I guess I’ll just begin with a photo montage of South India and New York and then write about some of the juicy details later.