This was the future in 1985.

As Trina reaches enlightenment in India, does handstands in ashrams and shops in the bright lights of  New York, I say goodbye to my 28-year-old alarm clock in Regina. (There are many different paths.)

Farewell old friend.

My grandma surprised me with this Chronosette Automatic for Christmas in 1985. I’m sure it was hundreds of dollars and was on the cutting edge of digital alarm clocks.

Eric Carmen and Richard Marx have never sounded better. Oh, how I turned the radio up to that sweet sound.

My cousin got the same one and when I went to visit him a couple years ago in LA, there it was on his night stand. We high-fived.

Sadly, I had to put it down after coming home from Sri Lanka and realizing that many of the electronic bulbs had burned out. (You might think it says 5:54, but it actually is 9:54).

I tried salvaging it, but after many bangs and punches, more bulbs kept going out.

Ah well. All things come to an end.

The end.