This was pretty much my permanent expression the last couple months.
This was pretty much my permanent expression the last couple months.

It’s been two months and counting since I’ve returned to the land of ice and snow (although the Par 3 golf course opened today signalling the start of spring, so my troubles are officially over), and one of the saddest things about being home is that I’ve lost all motivation to blog.

Blogging in Sri Lanka was so much fun. It was definitely one of my most rewarding island past times.

There never seemed to be a shortage of hilarious situations to write and poke fun at publicly (and even then I had to self sensor a tonne so as to not offend some of our readers). There was always a stray elephant walking past you on the road or a doctor at the hospital telling you he longed for the days of the Soviet Union. All of it pure blogging gold.

Back in Regina, the only real good material is the name of the city itself. After that, it’s all pretty blah (except when you mix in Trina’s last name, then it gets funny again).

In Sri Lanka, there was always a spare minute (or five hours) to sit down and craft a short story. Back at home, my days are pretty much filled with non-stop work and chores and people and commitments and deadlines and meetings and on and on. Too much to do, and too little time.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to be home, especially since it’s getting warmer.

It’s also nice to have your clothes not stinking like a sour rat after wearing them for one day, or to do your laundry in less than an hour, or to enjoy a quiet Sunday morning shuffling around at home, or to see your old friends whenever you want for a quick beer and a laugh, or to go for a run with your dad in the park. The list of nice things is long and I couldn’t do those things in Sri Lanka and it sucked.

Having said all that, if I’ve ever wanted to live in two places at the same time, it’s now. Not just because Trina is still on that crazy little island, but because a bit of me is still there too. A bit of me that still wants to sweat profusely and take hours to do laundry and hear honking buses in my living room and anticipate hanging out with my friends and family back home.

And maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to write about stuff going on now. I’m not sure which bits of me are supposed to be writing it.

Ah well. None of that really matters because life goes on and I have to live and enjoy life in the present. Sri Lanka taught me that – and that’s something I’ll never forget.