Random chats with curious Sri Lankans - both on land and in the water - will be sad to leave behind.
Random chats with curious Sri Lankans – both on land and in the water – will be sad to leave behind.

I promise this is it – my last blog on Sri Lankan soil.

To ease my racing mind with my flight only hours away, I thought I’d take an inventory of things I will miss and things I will be happy to leave behind in Sri Lanka.

Things I’ll miss:

  • $1 haircuts
  • $10 bottles of gin
  • The Sam’s
  • Being tanned (okay, it’s more of a reddish-brown colour, but all the same)
  • Cows, elephants and water buffalo stopping traffic
  • The ocean 6 km away (Sunsets at the Galle Face Hotel)
  • Kottu, pol sambol and string hoppers
  • Spicy food in general, especially Lal’s rice and curry
  • Water’s Edge gym and pool
  • Other VSO volunteers
  • The 150 bus
  • Mr. and Mrs. S., Kanula and the daughters – and even the dog Tongi
  • The guy at the Keel’s food counter who gives me a free drink whenever he sees me and wants to visit Angoda
  • The guy at the Laughf’s who sells me my gin and drinks water out of one my Bombay empties (as do all the Laughf’s employees as it’s a sign of wealth to drink water from imported alcohol bottles here)
  • Nishantha – The support staff worker who watches my stuff at the hospital and practices his English by reading the media handbook all day long.
  • Kamal, Francis, Sisira, Raymond and the rest of the patients at Angoda.
  • Tuk tuk rides
  • Writing this blog (sadly my life back home is simply not blog-worthy)
  • …oh yeah, my wife (she’ll hopefully join me back in Canada in June after her school year ends)

Things I say good riddance to:

  • Starers
  • Budders
  • Creeps
  • Rashes
  • Ants and cockroaches
  • Lazy spiders and geckos
  • Sri Lankan desserts
  • The ripoff tuk tuk drivers
  • Stifling bureaucracy
  • Flagrant hypocrisy, arrogance and corruption at every level of government (This can be said for almost any country, but this one hits an all new level here.)
  • Policemen directing traffic at busy intersections and just slowing everything down
  • The entrenched caste system and growing religious tensions (Be nicer to one another Sri Lankans!)
  • Running outside in the heat, traffic and pollution.

That’s all I can think of for now. In the meantime, here are some photos of my farewell party week…thanks everyone for the well wishes and good times.

Take care.