This man was rowing his fishing boat asking tourists if they wanted a lift.
This man was rowing his fishing boat around the beach asking tourists if they wanted a lift.

Okay, okay. I know what you’re probably thinking – just leave the bloody country already Shaun.

I know. I know. Goodbyes can be drawn out, long procedures, and it seems that in Sri Lanka, they are even longer and more painful than usual.

For example, the guy who I buy rice and curry from at the local Keels grocery store wants to host me for a farewell meal at his house. Very sweet, but it’s all too much for me.

Not to worry though as my flight is booked and confirmed for late Tuesday night, so there will be an end to the farewell tour and goodbye meals coming very soon. As the departure date gets closer, my mood has changed from a general anxiety to a very subtle sadness that my adventure here is coming to an end.

I find (for some strange reason) that riding on the bus is the hardest – tears welling up at every screeching halt or elbow to the head from my neighbour. One of my least favourite, most uncomfortable places for me to spend time when I first arrived has now become the place where I feel most nostalgic and will strangely miss a great deal. It makes no sense, but then again very few things do here. Maybe it’s a sign I’m leaving at the right time? Or, maybe I should check myself into Angoda?

Either way, things will work out just fine and I still have some more blog material to come.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of our final stop on the farewell tour from last weekend.

Unawatuna is the beach that Trina and I visited on my very first weekend in Sri Lanka almost two years ago. I remember I was still completely out of it and had no idea where I was. While not much has changed in regards to my general cluelessness, I was able to enjoy the sites much more this time, and although it’s not the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, it has everything you need to relax and – as the Sri Lankans say – enjoy.