The head mistress of the Sussex School in Bandarawela has officially agreed to adopt me while I'm in Sri Lanka. She hovers just like my mom does when I'm in the kitchen.
The head mistress of the Sussex School in Bandarawela has officially agreed to adopt me while I’m in Sri Lanka. Here we are cutting some rug.

It was 6am Monday morning when myself and three other brave teachers boarded a bus with 27-eleven-year-olds. It was 6:15am when we realized that the DVD player wasn’t working and the pure horror set in. We were trapped for 7 + hours!

Remember being a school kid on a bus with all your friends on a field trip? Even the weekly trips to Centennial School for  Home Ec. and Industrial Arts seemed more magical because of the bus ride. Every sort of possible middle school drama happened on the bus. I seem to remember agreeing to “go out” with a boy and then dumping him all in the same bus ride. The idea of a boyfriend seemed appealing until I realized that I was going to have to sit beside him.

Well this particular bus ride was no exception and it was even more special because it meant 4 days and 3 nights away from mom and dad. Despite one child’s threat of going on a hunger strike because I wouldn’t tell them our roommates until we arrived, the ride was smooth. By the way, that same child was munching on Oreo cookies when I looked back 15 minutes later.

This particular field trip was one that all the students from our school go on annually. Each grade has a specific destination in Sri Lanka to escape the confines of the school walls and learn about our host country. This year we were trying something different for the sixth grade trip. We were partnered with a local school in the hill country. Rather than actually teaching the students about Sri Lanka, we thought we’d let the kids learn from each other.

What they learned can pretty much be summed up by this comprehensive chart they assembled.


The week was great and we as teachers also learned a whole lot. I’m looking forward to when we will host the Bandarawela students and teachers at our school and the professional exchanges we will have. But right now, I’m even more looking forward to sleep.