Marriage in Sri Lanka is serious business. The whole family is involved in the search for the perfect life partner. Marriage proposals are advertised in the newspaper regularly. Shaun’s favourite doctor has recently put his own proposal in the paper and is awaiting his soul mate.

Here are a few gems from a national paper. (We have not altered anything.)


“Academic professional handsome well mannered son, preferably Doctor with a good family background is sought by B/G respectable business parents of Central Province for their daughter educated at a leading Colombo school, Doctor MBBS (SL) working in Colombo 5’2’’, 29 years, slim, fair, pretty, kind hearted, who is interested in higher studies, Music. Only brother is an IT Engineer. She inherits substantial assets in millions. Reply with family details & horoscope.”

“BGK retired parents seek suitable partner for their fair pretty slim only daughter innocent party 35 years 5’4” employed as a Lecturer / Coordinator in IT Institute & divorced (plaintiff, innocent party). No encumbrances. Reply with horoscope / family details. Dowry available.”

“We are a middle class Roman Catholic family. We have an only daughter of 23. She knows English fluently and has a Cambridge certificate. We are looking for a handsome, tall, fairly educated or working, good Catholic boy from a decent middle class family with sober habits, who is living abroad, preferably from U.S.A., Australia or Canada. Should be between 25 and 30.”


“Buddhist Durawa Colombo parents seek educated fair daughter from respectable family for their only child 35, 5’6” academically professionally qualified Senior Manager in a reputed company drawing 250,000.00 owns semi luxury two storeyed house, car. Reply with family details and horoscope.”

“B/G Western Province parents seek educated, pretty daughter son 37, 5’ 5 1/2”, handsome fair spiritual teetotaller, B.Sc. Hons IT-UK First Class, employed Ministerial project, Sri Lanka, Brother, sister living in UK.”


We wish the above candidates all the best in finding a life partner.