Okay, we know we cheated and took the easy way out. But since we didn’t have an extra $200,000 lying around to pay for a hike up Everest, we decided we’d just fly there and take a look instead.

It was worth it. Even though the view lasted only a few minutes and it cost a few hundred dollars, it was one of those things that your brain can’t quite process when you see it. These mountains are just too massive, too scary, too awesome.

While I can somewhat understand why people would give everything up to climb to the top of one of these bastards, it’s certainly not for me. I would be so delirious with lack of oxygen and so angry that I spent my life savings to be so miserable, that I’d likely turn back before I made it to Base Camp. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now, I’ll enjoy the memories of the flight.

The pictures can’t do it justice, but here goes.