This Hindu God was looking for some tips for photos. Trina was very sneaky in getting this snap.
This Hindu God was looking for some tips for photos. Trina was very sneaky in getting this snap. She’s doomed, but good for her.

Okay, so our last post might have used a little artistic license thanks to some Nepali moonshine, but the following quotes have not been altered at all.

These are just a few of the ditties people said to us, and which make traveling so strange and fun.

  • “Hello….gimme your bike” – Kid on the side of the road as I slowly pedaled by him uphill. It made me laugh out loud. Can’t blame the kid for trying.
  • “Kids these days are different. They have it much easier than we did. We had to walk miles and miles in the snow uphill just to get to school – and we never complained.” – Our tour guide Ram proving that every culture has the exact same entitlement story from one generation to the next.
  • “There used to be monks here too, but they were having too much sex with the nuns, so they moved all the men out of the village 5 or 6 years back.” – One of our crew members on the trek describing, straight-faced, an all-nun village we camped out in on our trek.
  • “In all my treks in this mountain, I’ve never seen a kangaroo. Never.” – Our guide N.O.D. Bobby with a straight face at the campfire one night responding to another guy’s assertion that there was definitely kangaroos in the region. After much laughing and translating, it turns out the guy meant deer, not kangaroos. So close.
  • “She cried for 2 straight days, but don’t worry, she got married 7 days later.” – Solu, one of our trekking sherpas, on telling his girlfriend that he had just got married to another woman, in another country.

…and upon my return to the hospital this week, I had this little gem of a conversation on the bus with my favourite doctor.

Doctor: I was at the Internet cafe on the weekend, however I couldn’t finish my work there as I had a meeting with a bride. After that I had to meet my lawyer. I will have to go back to the Internet place this weekend now to finish my work.

Me: Wait, what? Did you say bride?

Doctor: Yes, yes.

Me: Are you getting married?

Doctor: It is uncertain at this point. It is too early too tell.

Me: Who is the lucky lady and how did you meet?

Doctor: It was our first meeting on the weekend. She answered my ad in the paper for a wife (this is very common here) and wanted to meet for a coffee. It was very strange to do this, but I permitted it. She is Sri Lankan, but I think she is most probably from a Western background and very wealthy. She was dressed in very high-end fashionable clothing.

Me: Where did you meet? How did it go?

Doctor: We met at the ultra capitalist, Western location of McDonald’s. I had an American coffee and french fries.

Me: What did she have?

Doctor: Um, nothing. We chatted for 20 minutes and she left saying she had some other appointments to attend to.

Me: Oh, that doesn’t sound very good.

Doctor: Most probably. It is unclear. If she contacts me again I expect it to be an official written reply to my advertisement. I enjoyed the french fries though.

…to that we both laughed out loud for very different reasons.

Is all this really happening? I’m going to miss this place.

Enjoy more pics of Nepal.