We also partied with many of the superhero team members on New Year's Eve. Some serious Bollywood and Nepali moves were bust.
We also partied with many of the superhero team members on New Year’s Eve. Some serious Bollywood and Nepali moves were bust.

We have just returned from nearly three weeks of adventures in Nepal. We have tons of pictures and stories to share, but we don’t wish to bombard (or bore) you, so we’ve picked out the highlights to blog about. One of our most memorable times was definitely the hike we took with a team of eight Nepali men.

We were amazed by their endurance and super strength so we wrote a super hero story about our adventures with them. They say high altitude messes with your mind, so Shaun and I might be the only ones who find this funny, but here goes…


Deep in the heart of the Himalayas, lay a team of superheroes – N.O.D. Bobby* and the Super Sherpas – to be exact.

(*N.O.D. is a Regina term that stands for North of Dewdney. It refers to any individual that lives north of Dewdney Street. These individuals tend to grow mullets, drink Molson Canadian by the 24-pack and drive cars without mufflers. Both Shaun and I grew up NOD and are proud of it, although our condo is south of Dewdney – just south though.)

The Super Sherpas mission is to safely guide white people up and down the mountain.

The team is made up of Krishna Die, the epitome of old-man strength, Bomb Lal, the plaid assassin, Siva, the nightcap stealer, Solu, the Himalayan kangaroo spotter, and NOD Bobby, he’s just a cool guy who likes to constantly work on his Camaro’s transmission and grow a moustache. Joining them are Junior Superheroes, Wangchung, DJ extraordinaire, Rick, the Iron Chef and Ram, the silent ninja.

NOD Bobby: Superheroes unite. There has been a request. Two foreigners who say they are from Sri Lanka but are white want to climb up these mountains.

Krishna Di: No problem. I could strap them to my back and be up and down in an hour.

NOD Bobby: You are missing the point. These foreigners want to think they are actually hiking themselves.

Bomb Lal: Oh, I’ve heard of these legendary beasts. They travel with giant bags and hiking shoes made by capitalistic tycoons.

Siva: Does this mean we have to carry those 100lbs baskets again?

NOD Bobby: Think of it as a challenge.

Siva: You S.O.B., N.O.D. Bobby. Alright, I’ll do it, but I’m not getting cut off of the Roxy! (Roxy is a locally made alcohol).

NOD Bobby: Fine. We are going to need to enlist the help of our junior superheroes for this particular challenge. After all, we need some people naive enough to look after the shit tent.

Solu: Good thinking. I’ll tag along to keep away the devils and the kangaroos.

The superheroes were extremely confused at this last comment, but shook it off and immediately began preparing for their upcoming journey.

When the white folks showed up a few days later, NOD Bobby and the Super Sherpas set off on their adventure. Battling obstacles like traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, cold temperatures, and toilet paper and Roxy shortages (and that was just the first night), the crew triumphed through it all and managed to make it to the final campsite 5 days later.

With a night to go and everyone safe, the team let down their guard.

* * * At the campfire that night ***

Solu: You know there are kangaroos in these parts.

NOD Bobby: (shaking his head seriously) In all my time here I’ve never seen kangaroos.

Trina: I think there must be a language barrier. You don’t actually mean kangaroos.

Solu: No, kangaroos. I swear I’ve seen them.

Ram (thinking): What have I gotten myself into?

Wangchung: I have some music on my phone here.

Krishna Di: Sweet!

Bomb Lal: Play some Nepali classics and me and KD will bust a move.

Wangchung cues the music and dancing unlike anything you’ve ever seen before erupts.

Ram (thinking): What have I gotten myself into?

Siva: Can someone top me up?

NOD Bobby: You are cut off.

Siva: You SOB NOD Bobby.

Shaun: Do you have any English tunes?

Wangchung: No problem.

Summer of ’69 is cued and Shaun and Trina burst into laughter. The superheroes look confused, but continue dancing. The night ends with Trina teaching Krishna Di and Bomb Lal Gangham Style and all is well in the universe again!