How many of these could you smuggle on, or in, your person.
How many of these could you smuggle on, or inside, your person?

Even though math (or maths for our British readers) was never my strong suit, it’s sometimes fun to share a glimpse of our tropical world through the use of numbers.

So, in recognition of the auspicious day 12/12/12… here goes…

  • 1.5 million – The value in rupees in gold that was found concealed in a smuggler’s rectum recently at the international airport…ouch.
  • 4 – The number of customs’ officials it took to conduct the search for the gold. (All of their names were published in the newspaper.) I’m guessing they were all as excited as the post office guys who opened up my package from Canada a few months back.
  • 30 – The number of minutes a train was recently delayed when the conductor went home to eat breakfast (That little diddy is courtesy of the Daily Mirror newspaper. Yes, that’s right, that is news.)
  • 32 – The temperature outside, all the time…even in December…even at night…even when it’s raining.
  • 612 – Consecutive days I’ve sweat through my shirt.
  • 493 – The number of hours I’ve spent sweating on Sri Lankan buses.
  • 200 (less than 2 bucks) – The average daily salary in rupees for over 40 per cent of Sri Lankans.
  • 289.5 billion (over 2 billion Canadian dollars) – The amount in rupees of Sri Lanka’s Defense budget in 2013.
  • 200 – The average per cent in taxes that is charged on any new vehicle purchased in Sri Lanka – except go-carts, which were recently made tax exempt as some politician’s kids enjoy racing them.
  • 1 – Number of satellites in space with the Sri Lankan flag on them. Kudos to the President’s son who heads up the space program here and recently attended a three-day workshop in the UK to qualify for his post.
  • 6 – The time in hours it takes to drive pretty much anywhere outside Colombo. Maybe a little less focus on space and a bit more energy on land?
  • 1 – Number of Bollywood dance classes I attended this week. That’s right, Bollywood. Watch out Shaka Khan and the rest of you dancing fools. This wooden-hipped Canadian is out for your job. Unfortunately, the instructor asked me not to come back as I was a disgrace to the art. Ah well, I’ll practice on my own.

Take it easy.