Who knows how many people are hiding behind the curtain. The over/under is 9.
Who knows how many people are hiding behind the curtain. The over/under is 9.

A tight fit

A story in the local paper today reported that a three wheel driver was recently arrested for transporting 14 people in his tuk tuk. 14! That’s 11 more than the legal number. People were riding on the roof, back bumper and under the steering wheel. Amazing ingenuity.


Standing at attention

When reaching the bottom of my stairs this morning, I was startled by our cleaning lady who was just standing their like a frozen statue.

Without saying a word, she pointed with her face to an adjacent building which sits just behind an 8-foot-high fence, where I could hear the faint sound of the Sri Lankan national anthem that they play over a loud speaker every morning at 8:32.

I offered my apologies and quietly slinked away hoping I wasn’t being rude not paying homage to the faint anthem.


A sad, touching sight

Waiting for the bus today, a little old couple shuffled by me arm in arm. I didn’t take much notice until they had gone past and I noticed the man was holding a white cane and banging it against the sidewalk. They were both blind! Amazingly they were maneuvering down a crazy busy, twisting road during morning rush hour while avoiding the gaping open sewers. As horns blasted and cars swerved, they both continued smiling and shuffling along. Thankfully, they were picked up a few moments later by a caring three-wheel driver. So brave, so dangerous.


In Quotes

Conversation #1

Doctor: Where will you be on December 21?

Me: We’ll be in Nepal.

Doctor: Ah, very smart decision. You will be at the highest point in the world for the apocalypse. Most probably you will be safe from the floods there.

Me: Yep, that’s the plan.

Conversation #2

Doctor: Visa, Mastercard, American Express…different, different cards. This is what prostitutes like to take advantage of.

Me: You don’t say

Doctor: Yes, yes. First they take the rich capitalist tycoon shopping for purses, clothes and gems, and only after these things are purchased by the different, different cards, do they ultimately go to the hotel room for sex.

Me: Huh.

Doctor: Just ask David Petraeus.


Dispatches from Canada

Likely no one will find this of interest but me. However, here is a podcast from the CBC radio show “The Current”, which talks about guidelines for suicide reporting in Canada. Refreshing to hear an elevated discussion on the topic from both the media and the mental health professional side of things.