The most expensive ticket you can buy for the Twenty20 tournament is $7 and that includes a physical check by the Sri Lankan police – and I have the sticker to prove it.

I’ve now watched Team Afghanistan play just as many games as the Saskatchewan Roughriders over the past two years – 1 game.

While that saddens me a bit, I must say I was pretty excited to watch the Afghans bat the ball around the ol’ pitch at the World Twenty20 cricket championship in Colombo. This is a shorter version of the game with matches only lasting 3 or so hours (great for the short attention span of a North American sports fan).

Even though England blasted them by over 100 runs (that’s bad), it was a very good time and I even got ‘physically checked’ by the Sri Lankan police (check out the sticker on the ticket). The atmosphere at the game wasn’t quite as nuts as a Rider game, but it was fun.

Sri Lankans love to cheer and dance after every ‘bowl’ or pitch, no matter what happens, no matter what team has done something good. It was a rare glimpse into Sri Lankans having fun in a public place – and I must admit to a non-cricket lover – it was actually more entertaining to watch the crowd than the cricket. (That’s also pretty common at a Rider game too.)

Another bonus is that you can pick up six beer for under $6. At a Rider game that’s close to a  $40 touch. I’ll even buy a round for that price.

A proud moment as I celebrate my first six. Great carrying case.

I had so much fun that I actually went to a match the following night between Australia and the West Indies, and Trina and I have tickets to a doubleheader on October 2.

Sadly, Sri Lanka has been playing their matches outside Colombo, so the only way we might get to see them is if they make it to the semi-final and we are able to score some scalped tickets.

At the end of the day, I’ll never consider myself a true cricket fan, however this shorter, more offensive game is right up my alley. And while that might not make me very popular with real cricket fans, all I can say to you is that I’ve got the next round!

See you around the stumps.


What are these cheerleaders wearing? Aiyo.
I was secretly cheering for Afghanistan.