A beautiful photo of the newly wed couple.

It all started several months ago when VSO volunteer Mark showed up at our door unannounced to tell us he was getting married! You may remember Shaun writing about this occasion in his post about being a best man in Sri Lanka.

In that post he wrote all about the engagement ceremony and thought he was off the hook for the wedding since he is married. Luckily for him, the traditional rules were waived and he was reinstated as best man just in time for his duties yesterday. As the best man, he was busy all day with the ceremony and pictures. Myself and the rest of the VSO crew met up with the wedding party for the evening reception.

It might surprise you that the wedding was on a weekday, but in Sri Lanka this is not unusual. An astrologist was consulted to find out the luckiest (most auspicious) dates and times for each part of the wedding. Lucky for me the reception was at night or else I would not have been able to attend. Unlucky for me, we didn’t get back in until 1:30 am and I had to start work at 7:30 this morning. AIYO!

Here are some pics.


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