I may have lots of questions, but I know one thing is certain; high-fiving kids anywhere in the world is AWESOME!

It is very rare that I can’t sleep so I shouldn’t complain. In fact, I am usually out the moment my head hits the pillow and wake up just before my alarm goes off. I pride myself in my ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. This morning is the exception. I have been up since 3am and have finally decided to quit fighting it and blog about it instead.

What am I thinking about?

Well  . . . what am I not thinking about? Similar to when I sit down to try to meditate on the rare occasion that I can’t sleep my mind is a source of constant entertainment. Here are some of the deep questions I’ve been pondering.

Should I buy another saree to wear to Mark and Vindy’s wedding?

Why bother sending out a schedule of power cuts if you aren’t going to follow it?

What is the most amount of people ever fit into a Sri Lankan bus?

How much does a rice and curry lunch packet weigh? I bet it is over a pound.

Is it evil to hate my landlord’s dog?

Did that Domino’s Pizza across the street go up over night?

Why doesn’t seeing a cow in the grocery store entrance phase me anymore?

Where do sixth graders get their energy from and why can’t they ever remember to bring their supplies to class?

Are fanny packs cool?

When did the mullet make a comeback?

Is tucking in your shirt still fashionable in extenuating circumstances?

Why doesn’t someone tell the man working at the local roti shop that the English expression on his shirt is completely vulgar (can’t even be quoted on this site, yet he wears it to work weekly)?

Why do all the upcoming international 20-20 cricket matches have to be played at 2pm? Doesn’t anyone have to work in this country?

Why does booking something online in Sri Lanka mean sending an email, following up with a phone call and then going down in person to sign the documents and make the payment during business hours? Aren’t they missing the whole point?

Is it too early to eat breakfast?

The sun is coming up so I’m guessing it’s not too early and I might as well start my day. Hopefully tonight I will be so exhausted that I will return to my legendary sleeping patterns.