These beauties were falling from the sky last night. Delicious.

Last night I was awakened by a vicious windstorm in Colombo – 29 km/hr gales that momentarily knocked out the power (panic ensues whenever the fan cuts out) and sent hundreds of mangoes crashing off tin roofs all over Rajagiriya.

When I first woke up, I thought we were under attack. Mangoes bashing against metal all over the neighbourhood makes an amazingly loud noise. After realizing they were mangoes and not scuds, I figured we were finally having a good old fashioned Prairie-type windstorm.

But, after getting out of the mosquito net to inspect the situation, I realized the gusts were merely bending the branches back and forth a small bit, which was simply dislodging the ripened fruit.

Walking to the bus this morning, I couldn’t see any real damage. The only result of the wind that I could see was the people had some free fruit to munch on during their morning walk to work, the market, or wherever it is that people always seem to be going in this city.

(Is it bad that I was slightly sad this morning when I saw a mango hadn’t taken out our mean landlord’s dog Tongi? Sorry, but that dog sucks.)

What was Trina’s take on the storm, you ask? “What wind,” she said this morning. “I was in a coma.” Right. Can’t count on Trina if we ever need to evacuate.

The real weather concern at the moment is the lack of rain. It hasn’t rained in some parts of the country in many months and wells are starting to dry out. Colombo has had some rain in the past week, so let’s hope that spreads to other parts of the island in the coming days.

Later, skaters – and watch out for mangoes.