This is what a stag night looks like in Sri Lanka. Watching the Olympics in a very civilized atmosphere. Actually, this was just moments before Andy Murray won the gold medal in tennis. Things got nuts after this was taken though as I shotgunned an entire bottle of Kik Cola. Then someone brought out a bottle of Smak juice and all bets were off.

Since getting back from our time in Canada and India, I haven’t had much time or inspiration to sit down and write a blog (except about that beautiful tuk tuk encounter).

That’s not to say that shit still isn’t interesting, challenging and/or hilarious here – because it is – still on an hourly basis. The real issue is that I’m getting used to life here. The weird stuff is starting to be my normal now. Just like I would be hard pressed to blog about my life in Canada, sadly, so too is my life in Sri Lanka (in my mind) becoming unfit for blogging material on a regular basis.

Having said that, it is far from boring, so here are a few random things that have being going on over the past couple weeks in my life:

  1. A Sri Lankan stag night – As the best man for the upcoming wedding between a fellow volunteer and his Sri Lankan bride, it was my duty to help arrange a joint bachelor / bachelorette party two weeks back. My past experiences arranging such events simply involved choosing a venue that served alcohol and food and we made up the rest of the night as we went. Things were much different this time as requests were made to show a movie, invite females that we actually knew and alcohol was very much optional. Needless to say, I was out of my element. Surprisingly the groom and I were able to pull it off and a good time was had by all – and the wedding is still set for September 11… and I’m still the best man.
  2. Casino night – Just this past weekend, me and some fellow volunteers hit up the local gambling spot in Colombo to test our luck at black jack. This was our second visit and it hasn’t disappointed on either visit. The deal is you purchase 5,000 rupees in chips (about $45) and that gets you free drinks (and supposedly food and cigarettes, although those never materialized on this visit) as long as you’re still gambling. During our first visit, that initial buy-in lasted me 7 hours and I walked out up 50 bucks (or about a week’s pay). This time was even more of a success as I left up over 20,000 rupees. I felt like bloody Rain Man. Needless to say, we’ll likely be back for a third visit sometime soon – if for nothing else then to say hi to the Chinese ‘professional’ lady gamblers who helped us win some hands. They’re very kind.
  3. Frisbee – I’ve been out a few times now for the weekly flying disc match at the University. This is a sport that I tried playing many years ago in Canada, but instantly loathed, so gave up on quickly vowing to never play again. I could never get overthe fact of how much cheating went on in a game supposedly built on sportsmanship and zero referees. Dicks. Give me a good ol’ fashioned two hand chop with a hockey stick any day. I’ve decided to go back now as running on the treadmill is shatty and I can burn more calories in one frisbee game than I can all week at the gym –  and I get a lift to and from the game courtesy of “The Beast” driven by my great volunteer friends, Paul and Katherine.
  4. Funny conversation – The ridiculous conversations never end, so here’s one to close off with…

Doctor at hospital – “Ah, you’ve made it back from Canada. I thought you were surely dead.”

Shaun – “Why? Did you hear about some tragedy in Canada while I was gone.”

Doctor to hospital – “No, no. I always just assume that people are dead when they are away. That way it’s not a shock when people really do die.”

Ahhh, it’s good to be back.

Take care, and don’t give up on the Riders just yet.