Picking up a towel out of our closet (aka cardboard box), this little fellow was waiting for me. Nearly shit my pants. Nearly (I think).

Thankfully, my run-ins with tropical animals have been fairly rare over the past year and a half.

Believe it or not, the only snake I’ve seen in that time (knock on a large piece of wood) was in Regina, when a good-sized garter snake slithered past me when I was running in the park earlier this month.

Besides a few odd looking bugs and the occasional run-away elephant on the streets of Colombo, I have lived a fairly free existence from things that could stomp or poison me.

So, when this friendly looking chap (it turned out to be completely harmless) looked me in the eyes yesterday morning, it’s fair to say I was a bit surprised.

Trina will tell you there was girl-like yelping and jumping on the bed, but she exaggerates as she is most-times drunk on Sunday mornings.

Showing bravery and courage deserving of a medal, I (okay, maybe it was Trina) managed to sweep our friend out of the house and back to the safe confines of the outdoors. Unfortunately, reports are that it was rundown by a crazy bus driver moments later. RIP, crawly, spooky chum.

Either way, I will be better prepared going forward. No more yelping or jumping. I’ll just call the bus driver straight-away.