A lot of scary masks were on display in the streets this weekend. Somehow Wesak and Halloween seem to be mixed together?

It’s 38 above, not a drop of booze is on sale for four straight days and Colombo is lit up with thousands of lanterns that look like ghosts while people give out (and line up hundreds deep) for free food and sickly sweet soft drinks on every street corner.

A bad joke? A bad acid trip?

Nope. It’s Wesak weekend again – a time when Colombo goes mad and people take to the streets like no other time of the year. In fact, it’s maybe the only time of the year the streets are crowded with foot traffic after the street lights come on…or are supposed to come on?

Last year, we weren’t exactly sure what to do with ourselves, so we got the hell out of dodge. This year we decided to stay and take our chances. It’s Buddha’s birthday (and death and enlightenment too) and Sri Lankans are pumped! (Completely sober, but still pumped just the same.)

Here’s what we did to join in the fun on this holiest of full moon Poya days.