"Don't you play with my nose I might Ha chum sneeze
Well you a the bun and me the cheese
And if me the rice well you the peas" - Shaggy Lyrics Boombastic

Ever since the disappointment of not being able to go see Leo Sayer and his hair, Shaun and I have been waiting for the perfect concert opportunity in Colombo. When a few of my colleagues mentioned Shaggy was playing in Colombo, I could hardly believe my ears.

“Mr. Boombastic, sign us up!”

The concert did not disappoint. There were plenty of Sri Lankans dancing in the outdoor venue, fun music, and some really suspicious booze being sold behind a curtain (5 mickeys for $20 – Aiyo!). We even got a ride to the concert from a tuk-tuk driver with hair like Leo Sayer.

I’ll leave you with some memorable Shaggy lyrics and photos.