Having our obligatory photo taken with one of the village elders. She only stopped talking when it was time for the photo.

When we first visited Thailand back in 2004, I was scared shitless. It was my first time off the North American continent and I had no idea what to expect.

Thinking back on that 2004 trip now my memories are all good, but at the time there’s no doubt that I was terrified. The traffic seemed crazy, it was amazingly hot and humid, the food was super spicy, I had to use my hand in place of toilet paper and I didn’t understand anyone. In the words of Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski, “I was out of my element.”

Fast forward to our return trip 8 years later and my feelings couldn’t have been more different.

The traffic seemed orderly, the weather pleasant, the food tasty (and even a bit mild), my hand knew exactly what to do (knife edge) and I could care less if I understood anyone.

A year in Sri Lanka (and a week in India) has obviously given me a different perspective on reality and thanks to that I was able to really enjoy and live in the moment in Thailand. Even Trina gave me props during the trip, saying on the third night in, “Wow, you’re a way more easy-going traveler now and the best husband on the planet.” * (* That may not be an exact quote.)

As with all countries, the people make or break the experience, and the Thais are about as good as you’re going to find on this planet. They’re extremely hospitable, they’re relaxed, and best of all, they’re fun. They remind you that happiness is simple when you’re with people that you enjoy.

It was great to be able to truly enjoy the Thais (and Thailand) this time around – although sitting and eating cross-legged on the floor still makes my joints scream.

So, thank you Thailand for an awesome trip. Who knows how good it will be when we make our next visit in 8 years time.


This was me in 2004 in Thailand. I may look relaxed and cool, but I'm pretty sure I was worried sick about the boat sinking.