Here we are having supper with pretty much the entire village in Nong Khai.

Where do I begin? This week has been a flood of emotions as Shaun and I have returned to Thailand to be reunited with my host family and some of the Thai participants of the Canada World Youth exchange I went on in 2000.

Here are the highlights so far. (The pictures will come later since we have about a million to sort through of us in front of random things).

* First greeting Ja, Luck and Tong at the airport. We all have decided we still look 20. Same -same as before.

* Road trip with the Thais to the North East. We discovered that there now is a super 7-Eleven every 50 km and iced coffee is all the rage.

* Surprising the entire Nong Khai village community with our arrival. I’ve never seen so many smiling faces or heard so many high-pitched shrieks.

* Easan dancing the night away at a village party. My host mom (Ma Moon) shut the party down and didn’t return home until 1am. Now I know where my inner party animal comes from.

* Meeting my counterpart’s kids 7 year-old It and 4 year-old Op as well as her nieces and nephews Om, Oi, Oat, Ap and Ut. Try to get those names straight!

* Lunch with the Governor of the province. We ended up in some sort of parade riding in the back of a truck with a money tree and after the procession got invited to this lunch randomly. Ah- the situations we get ourselves into.

*Sabai sabai time (rest and relaxation) with Luck’s family.  Good times.