In the absence of ice rinks, and ice itself in Sri Lanka, I've taken up netball and I'm a natural...

In my search for joining a team sport in Sri Lanka, I’ve finally landed on netball. Forget that it’s traditionally a women’s game and I’m playing on a team at the psychiatric women’s hospital – I am a ringer and a ‘funny’ player (as told to me by various spectators).

I’ve played in two games now and still really don’t know the rules. All I know is that you can’t run with the ball, only certain players can go certain places and you have to stay three feet away from anyone on the other team. The net seems smaller and higher than a basketball hoop and there’s no backboard.

Sounds like a boring game you say? Well, you could be right. But one thing I must say – playing a netball match at Halfway Home Mulleriyawa is the furthest thing from boring that you’ll ever experience. And the same goes for just about anything you do in Sri Lanka.