Teaching at the Overseas School has been fantastic. It is so refreshing to teach students that are excited about learning. Class sizes of 15 are a dream. Here we are pictured on the top of Sigiriya Rock as part of the grade 6 “week without walls” trip.

Okay I’m going to piggy back on Shaun’s idea of writing on things that are awesome in Sri Lanka. I figured there would be no better time than a Friday night after a couple refreshing gin and tonics.

I always am taken aback when people think we have given up a lot to be living and working in Sri Lanka. Honestly, I don’t feel like we have given up anything except for a little extra stress. We are not living in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere. We are living in the capital city of a developing nation.

We were thrilled when we learned we would be placed in Sri Lanka. Who wouldn’t when you read about all the beaches, hiking and excellent curries? However, I was a bit disappointed when Colombo was our placement. It’s nothing personal; it’s just that I’m not a big city person. But Colombo has managed to find a way in my heart. I may not like the noise, pollution and traffic, but there are plenty of things I love.

Without further ado, here are my favourite things about living in Colombo.

Because we also don’t want to forget our roots, here is a gem Shaun recently heard on an Adam Carolla podcast. This should be the I Love Regina campaign theme song. For our readers that don’t know – this is all about our home town. Enjoy!