Anne and I patiently wait by the booze for Birthday Boy Bill to arrive at his surprise birthday party in Jaffna. I think my head is actually getting bigger somehow...

Sorry it’s been awhile since our last blog. We’ve been enjoying the calmness and pleasantness that is Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Although its only a little over 2 years removed from a brutal civil war, Jaffna is a real gem of a place with some of the friendliest and kindest people I’ve met so far in my travels. Something will follow shortly on our experience up North.

In the meantime, and as I get ready for the 12-hour night bus back to Colombo, enjoy a couple funny Sri Lankan videos sent to me by my friend back home. Ever since I blogged about the lack of comedy on the island, people have been sending me some great local material. It looks like things are looking up when it comes to humour in Sri Lanka – and that’s making me smile, which is quite the coincidence since tomorrow is World Happy Day.

I hope you find these funny (and I threw in one from my home province of Saskatchewan too, even though you might not understand it at all):