There has been much development in Sri Lanka since we first arrived. One of the major events that happened approximately a month ago was the grand opening of the country’s first expressway.

This weekend on our trip to Unawatuna to enjoy the beach we hired a vehicle and took the new expressway. It was amazing! A trip that normally would take 3 hours was cut down to 55 minutes. We didn’t see a single cow, water buffalo, tractor, tuk-tuk or pedestrian meandering down the road.

Of course, big changes such as this come with some growing pains. So far 317 stray dogs have been hit. People are not used to driving as such high speeds. The government has regulated which vehicles can go on this road and has released a series of educational videos. As you will see, “it takes good concentration and discipline to drive on an expressway.”

Driving on the New Expressway