This little fella wants me to stay - double chin and all (I thought I lost weight over here - guess not in my chin?). We met the Indian Justin Bieber outside a travel agency in Delhi and were immediately asked if we wanted to adopt him. We were promised he can sing, dance and cuddle just like the Biebs. It was tempting to smuggle him back, but we had to leave him behind.

Not sure how many people know this, or care to know this, but Trina and I have decided to stay a little bit longer in Sri Lanka.

Our original return date was September-ish 2012. But coming home just in time for a depressing winter didn’t sound that much fun. So, we’ll now be returning in 2013 (me in March and Trina in June) with a summer to ease us back into Canadian living.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but everything seemed to be pointing us in the direction to stay just a little bit longer:

  • Mental health stigma still exists in Sri Lanka, but I predict six more months here will pretty much get the job done.
  • The mental health project I’m working on is wrapping up completely in March 2013, so it makes sense that I’m here until the end.
  • Trina got offered another contract at her school for next year.
  • We’ll now be able to travel to many more places on our ‘to-see’ list before we come home.
  • My work at home extended my leave by six months, so we’ll still be able to eat when we get back.

There’s no possible way that I could completely miss two whole Rider seasons, so we are coming home in early July for a couple week visit. Not exactly sure of the dates, but we’ll make sure to bring the hot weather with us.

And, if anyone wants to visit Sri Lanka, you’re more than welcome. It’s an outstanding island and Trina is becoming quite the amateur travel agent.

See everyone soon. Stay warm.