They need to fatten this Santa up. More rice and curry - stat!

Needless to say, spending the Christmas season in the tropics is not quite the same as back at home. There’s not a party every day of the week, people are actually doing some work at work (which is to say it’s business as usual) and the only sweating you’re doing is from the heat and not due to copious amounts of gravy and egg nog (not recommended to be taken together).

And Trina and I thought we’d really mix it up this year by traveling to India for 10 days starting tomorrow (December 17). The decision was actually made for us back in September when Trina’s aunts and uncles offered to have us join their all-inclusive trip through the country. While I haven’t studied the itinerary too closely, I did see we’re visiting a tiger refuge, which sold it for me faster than I could ask myself – ‘what about the dysentary?’

India has never been a place on my travel to-do list. Too many people, too many smells, too many of everything. I find Sri Lanka is just enough of all those things for me to handle. When you add in another billion or so people, I can’t imagine.

Luckily for me and my bowels, we we’ll only be getting the full dose of India for a couple days. While we’ll be on our own for the first two days in Delhi, it looks like we’ll be staying in some pretty nice places on the tour and we’ll have our own driver and guide throughout.

The moral of this ironic Christmas tale is that my first taste of first class travel ever will be in India – the country (in my books) known more for its e-coli than it’s luxury. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out. (I’m packing some Immodium just in case I’m reading this one completely wrong.)

In the meantime, I’m not sure how often we’ll be updating the blog while we’re away. So make sure to stay classy and enjoy the festive season. Our gifts are in the mail, and if you don’t get one, send your complaints to Sri Lanka Post, where if your piece of mail isn’t delivered in 473 days, they send you one free cobra in a basket.

And, while it’s nice that we’ll be with family over Christmas (and Trina’s parents will join us in Sri Lanka on December 27), I am already missing the get togethers with my family and friends back home. I can’t believe I’m missing my first Kaiser Hockey sausage night!

So even though we’re about as far away as humanly possible, we really do hope everyone has a turkey leg for us and has a great holiday season. The same also goes for all of our new friends in Sri Lanka – just subtract turkey leg with pol sambol. Later.