Now that we’re firmly into December, I’m really starting to miss not being able to play and watch hockey.

To help cheer me up, my friend Schneidz sent me a Canadian Tire commercial from years back that always leaves a smile on my face. Even though this is possibly the worst commercial you’ve ever seen, believe it or not, this was a cult classic in Canada back in the 1980s running on TV for many years.

Not that there’s too many Albert’s walking around nowadays, but if I ever do hear the name, I think back to this commercial and chuckle.

A couple things I love about this ad:

#1. Professional hockey teams putting first names on the backs of jerseys. Brazilian soccer teams have done this for years (see: Pele, Ronaldo, etc.). I’m surprised Albert didn’t spark the same phenomenon in hockey. Maybe it’s still to come?

#2. How shitty are Albert’s new Canadian Tire shoulder pads? Guaranteed he was injured at the next pond hockey game with a separated shoulder after those two-bit pads gave him a false sense of security and he went crashing into that jerk kid who comes late to every game and gets picked before him.

#3. Albert’s orange toque. Great colour for his milky white complexion.

After watching this over and over again, I think we can all agree that we’d like to have a guy like Albert on our team.