Talking to my good friend the sea.

One of the best parts I’ve found about volunteering in a strange land is how little I have to talk to people. Being an introvert, it’s a nice change of pace. Other people make life complicated for us weirdo loners.

Some days I might not say more than ‘good morning’, until its time to say ‘goodnight.’ Great day in my books.

The only talking that goes on in between is most often times in broken English or Sinhala and revolves around the basics – food, mental health, food, the media, food, stigma, and we finish it off with why Trina and I don’t have kids and how much I make. The average discussion lasts 56 seconds and I’m back to my thoughts.

The odd day I miss the chatter and endless meetings, but most of the time I can get by with the chatter in my head – or the sounds coming from Trina’s mouth. Haha.

It’s like I have all this extra energy now that I used to waste on being around other people all the time. And now, when I am with friends and such, it’s much more enjoyable because it’s a treat to be around them.

I hope I don’t seem like a dick here. I do love people, having fun, laughing and telling stories. It’s just that being alone and quiet more gives me energy that I didn’t used to have.

I was worried that I’d be lonely in Sri Lanka, but in reality, I’m enjoying the silence – even though I know it’s not going to be quiet forever.