This woman owes us a wall carving. If you've seen here, tell her we know where she lives.

This sweet looking Sri Lankan lady may look innocent, but don’t let her colourful sari fool you.

In September, we visited Margaret’s home workshop (if that’s even her real name) just outside Kandy to take a look at a life-size Buddha statue she had carved with her own two hands and a bit of elbow grease. Unfortunately, the deal fell through after finding out that the quoted price was $1,500 and not 1,500 rupees (a difference of only $1,485 – oops). But, all was not lost, as we settled on a lovely carved mask wall hanging for much, much less.

The only trouble was that she didn’t have any in-stock and would have to bang one out for us. Not too worry though, she was coming to Colombo in early October and could deliver it to us then. We left a bit of a down payment, ate lunch with her family and went on our way, happy to have supported a local artisan.

Two months later and not a peep from Margaret.

Now, I’m sure Margaret has every intention on delivering the carving – time has likely just slipped away from her as it tends to do on this island. I’m pretty confident she is not a criminal. And, we will be going back to Kandy sometime soon, so a visit to her workshop with knuckledusters is likely all that is needed.

It does suck though, especially as we struggle to make end’s meet on my volunteer allowance. Could use that cash right now. Ah well, lesson learned.

At the end of the day the worst that will come of this is that we have to have another meal with her annoying son-in-law from Florida. I’d almost rather just kiss my 50 bucks goodbye. Maybe that’s what Margaret is banking on? Damn, you win again Marg.


Trina may or may not be getting pickpocketed at this moment.