We're especially grateful that the Buddha chose a full moon day to be enlightened and not just a random day so we can all enjoy an extra holiday each month.

It’s a poya day. In other words, today is a national holiday because it is a full moon day. It’s ironic that in certain cultures a full moon is considered a dangerous time, while in Sri Lanka it is an auspicious (lucky) time. For those of you keeping count, that makes two national holidays this week.

The question is what do you do on a poya day? If you are Buddhist, you will probably go to the temple for almsgiving. However, if you are an imposter living in the country the possibilities are endless. Here is a list of the top ten things to do on a poya day (keeping in mind that most businesses are closed and you have wisely stocked up on alcohol and meat the day before).

10. Check out what’s new on Facebook once an hour.

9. Rationing – Make sure you don’t eat all your meat and drink all your booze before noon.

8. Think of witty comments to blog about.

7. Annoying email your friends back home asking them if they have the day off and then act surprised when they don’t.

6. Also, annoying include in those emails that it is 30 degrees here when you know it is -20 degrees with the windchill back home.

5. Check with Shaun if it would be okay for a white woman (me) to wear an African dress in Sri Lanka. Realize that he is the worst person to ask because he’s a fashion moron and “not socialized” according to the family downstairs. Promptly go downstairs and ask my Sri Lankan friend and cultural navigator Samadith.

4. Chase squirrels out of our house and clean up the droppings they’ve left behind.

3. Gym

2. Tan

1. Laundry