We are off to attend a quiz night here at a local pub with a new batch of VSO volunteers that are currently doing their in- country training in Colombo. Before I go and publicly embarrass myself with my lack of general knowledge, I realized you’ve been hanging in suspense for long enough.

Either most of you are geniuses or you cheated and googled the answers, but the majority of our participants are correct. Sri Lanka’s national sport is not cricket; it is volleyball.

As for the other tidbits, they are true.  Horape is a town along the Colombo – Kandy rail line. The picture I provided, however, it’s really of Horape. It was meant to trick you.

Lastly, Sri Lankan’s often use the expression “come and go” to mean “see you later”. It really threw me the first time I heard this. I would be leaving a place and they would ask “Okay, you will come  and go?” and I would be so confused thinking ” no, I already said goodbye”. Sometimes this could enter into completely confusing back and forth conversation where both of us were really saying the same thing, and neither one of us understood each other.

Signing out for now . . .