Some of the best times I've had at our house were spent putting this 1,000 piece puzzle together. Can you spot the missing piece? It still haunts me.

Ok. So the headline is a bit dramatic. What this post actually is about are the awesome things that people either gave to us before we left, or sent to us since we’ve been here. None of the things are extravagant or expensive, they’re just simple, small things that actually do make our lives better. Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. A 1,000 piece puzzle – This beauty gave us days of enjoyment right up until we finished it at 1 a.m. one night, only to realize there was a piece missing. We immediately blamed Rob, but after a body cavity search turned up nothing, we can only assume it was never there in the first place. Great gift Scott and Shay, and if you have the piece, please send it our way.
  2. Eddie Bauer multi-tool – Like at home, I really have very limited exposure or the need to use tools of any kind. However, this multi-tool is quite useful for sticking into plug-ins and disengaging the safety mechanism (found inside all Sri Lankan outlets), which allows you to then plug stuff in, like your fan. I haven’t even been electrocuted once. Thanks to Peter, Helen and Denise at FCC for that bit of help.
  3. Astronaut space pen – Not only is this stainless steel pen impossible for me to chew on, it can also write underwater and in freezing cold or boiling hot weather. Great gift Kim B. and one that I use everyday while riding my spaceship to work. 
  4. Food – Thanks to Scott and Shay, my parents and Kim B., we’ve been able to enjoy a lot of grub from home that you can’t get, or is very expensive here. We’ve had Kraft Dinner cheese, Super Nibs, Smarties, Twix, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate almonds, cereal, 4 kgs of peanut butter, sunflower seeds, Starbucks instant coffee, Doritos, Fudg-e-os, Crystal Light, and the list goes on. It was hard not to eat everything in one sitting, but we managed to pace it out over a few weeks. Not much is left now though.
  5. Journal – While the only journaling I’ve been doing is on this blog, I do plan on using the journal at some point. Maybe somewhere to record the stories that aren’t suitable for a family audience? We’ll see. At any rate, I will need to write some of this down because my memory is shite. Thanks Aliya.
  6. Ice cube trays – Another volunteer, Nancy, gave us her ice cube trays when she left Sri Lanka, which drastically increased the number of drinks we can consume in a night.

I’m sure there’s more that we’ve got, and will get, that makes life worth living. It’s always the little stuff and we’re grateful for all of it.

Take care.